There is a wide range of college personalities. Some you mesh well with, while others you’re just trying to get through the class so you can get the credit. There isn’t really a way to get around the bad professors, but throughout college, you will run into these 6 horrible professors:

The zero tolerance for technology

It’s understandable when professors ask for all phones to be put away, but it gets annoying when they have a no computer rule. Especially when they strictly enforce it and call out anyone who opens their laptop. Let’s all remember that I am paying for this class and if I want to online shop instead of taking notes, then that’s my own problem.

The monotoned

This professor has no expression at all. Their face is stuck in a frown, and they sound like they have absolutely no passion for the subject. If you have their class at 8 a.m. or in the evening, it’s safe to assume you will get a good nap in.

“Only call me professor…”

In all your classes you’re used to calling your professor by their first name. It’s super relaxed and builds a better relationship between the student and professor. But some professors only go by their “title.” Aren’t we all adults? Just let me call you by your first name.

The inconvenient one

They have the worst office hours out of all your professors; somehow they managed to schedule them when no one is able to make it. They never email you back, and when they do, it usually simply says, “come to office hours.” They don’t use Canvas so you have absolutely no idea if you’re passing or not. This professor is probably the root cause of all your anxiety.

The one that only reads from the slides

You paid all this money and signed up for a class you thought was going to be super interesting, just for the professor to read from the slides. They also are going to post all the slides to Canvas, so there is no point to even showing up.

Mandatory attendance

Like stated before, I paid for this class, if I don’t show up that’s my own fault. Mandatory attendance can make sense in some discussion classes but in a lecture hall of over 100 people. Seriously?