By Katherine Marrone

1. A dress has the power to ruin relationships.

2. Science! Top-down processing! Optical illusions! That what surrounds an object affects how we perceive it!

3. Independents are less committal; at least, they were 36 percent more likely than Republicans, and 27 percent more likely than Democrats, to remain unsure about the colors of the dress.

5. We are more likely to share positive news than we are negative news.

6. People will create something out of nothing.

7. People will do some crazy shit — like get a tattoo of a dress on their leg.

8. We still live in a world where an ugly-ass dress can cost you 77 dollars.

9. We thrive on mystery.

10. What we perceive isn’t always reality; as such, we learned something about living with autism  — people who see, hear and feel the world differently than a lot of people.

11. People are apparently more color blind than you originally thought because that SHIT IS WHITE.