Juuls are all the rage right now, and everyone is ripping them (and yes, this includes your 14 year old brother Derek back home) but did you know that you can tell a lot about someone’s personality based on their favorite Juul pod flavor? Here at Quackd, we break down what kind of person you are based on your favorite Juul pod flavor.



Man, you the man. How did you get so fly? When’s the next Supreme drop? This was the first flavor you tried at that sick upperclassman party at the Hub fall term of your freshman year, and why would you try anything else? If you couldn’t rip mango flavor anymore you would definitely be ripping Axe Flavored Juul pods.


Creme Brulee

Ripping Creme Brulee is like shotgunning a bottle of maple syrup, but you’re the type of person to get a sick rush from that. This flavor tastes awful, and everyone else hates it, so now you don’t worry about people trying to bum Juul rips off of you. But seriously, you’re a sick, deprived and god-forsaken individual. This flavor is universally hated, and you have to be a sociopath to rip this daily.


Fruit Medley

Do you have daddy issues? Because this flavor reminds you of watered down jungle juice. No, it reminds you of a Porta-Potty at a summertime Kid Rock concert in Grand Rapids, Michigan. So ya, it does remind you of the few faint memories you have with your dad, when he was still around. If you like this flavor you’re the person who mooches off other people’s Juuls.


Virginia Tobacco

If you’re ripping this you’re a dad or an heir to a Virginia tobacco plantation. This is the worst thing out of Virginia since Robert E. Lee. It tastes like dread and regret, but you’re using this product for its intended purpose: to actually stop smoking cigarettes everyday.


Cool Mint

This is the Juul pod you always get because you can never find the mango flavor. This is what smoking 5 Gum is like, and you kinda dig it, but you’re not like that into it, ya feel? You swear you don’t have a nicotine addiction, everyone you know goes through two pods a day! You just use it to take the edge off, which ends up being every 10 minutes.