The EMU is an excellent place to study, eat and socialize. Despite the numerous nooks and study corners scattered throughout the massive building, it is almost impossible to walk through it without running into at least 10 people you know. Among those students is Olivia, a junior at the University of Oregon. Olivia goes to the EMU with her gal pals all the time to grab some Starbs and chill with her friends. “Since my Freshman year I have been hanging out at the EMU. It’s my go to spot to procrastinate and gossip with my friends while pretending to study,” Olivia said.

Unfortunately, Olivia is considering finding a new hangout spot. “Lately I’ve been dreading going to the EMU because it seems like every time I go I run into at least six guys I’ve hooked up with,” Olivia said when asked why she is considering a switch. “It’s so awkward. I feel like I have to put on makeup and do my hair before going out to do my homework. I don’t need that added stress in my life.” She is now taking suggestions for new, less trafficked sites. Right now her girl gang is looking at the cafe in the basement of the library and the bleachers next to the rugby field as potential new spots.