At the crack of dawn on the last Friday of spring break, I donned my snow boots, excited to be leaving Fargo, North Dakota and its 10-degree wind chills and come home to Eugene. After a week of attempting to entertain myself in the midwest, I was stoked to be coming back to the Dirty Eug for a term of dayging and sun. When my flight finally landed in PDX at 1 a.m., I was exhausted and ready to get home to my bed. Despite warnings from my close friends, I decided to push through and drive down to Eugene rather than stay in Portland for the night. I have a long history of poor luck when traveling so when I finally arrived safely at 3 a.m. in Eugene, I was almost surprised that my travels were so uneventful.

I grabbed my bags and practically jogged up the stairs to my sorority house. I typed in my door code and tried to open up the door, but it didn’t open. I typed it in again and it still didn’t open. Panicking, I realized that I forgot to call our house mom to ask her to open up the house early for me.

On Friday night of spring break, my options were limited given that most people weren’t back from break yet. I pondered my options. I couldn’t afford a hotel room for a night and, after sifting through all my contacts, it looked like none of my close friends were going to be back. Then I remembered one guy I used to hook up with that wasn’t planning on going home for break. Do I throw dignity out the window and hit him up just for a bed to sleep in?

Ultimately my morals won out and I chose the less glamorous solution:  sleeping in my minivan. I popped the trunk and dressed in my ski clothes that were left back there from Whistler. Using a fur vest as a pillow, I curled up in my back seat with the contents of my suitcase piled on top of me for warmth. After a few fitful hours of sleep, I moved up to the front seat where I conserved my car’s battery by only using the heater for a few minutes at a time until a Starbucks opened up. I then washed my face and teeth in its bathroom sink and waited for six grueling hours for the mansion to open back up.