Here’s a comprehensive list of all the things you can do to get through your next 8 a.m. lecture. Just try to make sure you’re not sitting next to your GE while you doze off or stalk your crush on Facebook.

Literally anything else on the internet

Whether it be online shopping, Facebook or even homework for another class, it’s likely a better use of your time than listening to your professor pontificate about ancient civilizations or math equations.

The guy in a “vineyard vines” shirt sitting in the row ahead of you

He’s likely wearing a baseball cap with his fraternity letters on it and watching football highlights on his MacBook Air. It’s easy to get distracted by him because he’s constantly leaning over to his friend Chad to whisper something about the day fade they are throwing on Saturday.

The window showcasing the blue skies outside

Spring term means sunny days (usually) making afternoon lectures practically impossible. Just sit there and daydream about playing beer die with your friends after class.

Airdrop photos to strangers

Why not? You’ll never see them again and it’s beyond entertaining to see how shook they get when they see that someone is attempting to airdrop a video of their 2nd-grade dance recital or a dog meme.

Try to identify which students are high

There’s gotta be at least one. Scan the lecture hall for a kid eating cereal straight outta the box or someone napping on the shoulder of their neighbor.

Hopefully, this list will help you next time the boredom hits.