All college kids lie to their parents. No one wants their parents to be disappointed in them, so everyone makes sure to post nice pictures of you studying in the library to Facebook that your parents can share. Little do they know, you and your friends got trashed after drinking margaritas after the photo was taken. Nobody wants to break their parents hearts, so sometimes it’s easier to lie about these things.


You told your parents you have no money because you spent it all on textbooks and supplies. In reality, you haven’t bought a single textbook since your first term of college, and your bank account is actually draining because you spent it all on alcohol.


Your parents believe you have a 4.0 and are attending all your classes. But really, you made it to all your classes the first week of the term, but as the term goes on,you end up sleeping through all your classes. Also, your grades are slipping, and you’re barely earning C’s.


You aren’t technically lying when you tell your mom you aren’t seeing someone, because most of the people you are seeing are just people you are casually hooking up with. It’s better that your mom thinks you are focusing on your studies rather than sitting in the waiting room at plan parenthood.

You’re eating healthy

Even your parents realize this is a lie. You tell them you are eating balanced meals everyday, but you’ve had McDonalds the last three nights.

Social media

You’re parents have given you the usual lecture to be careful about what you post online. They would be mortified if they ever found your Twitter or Sinsta where you have tons of drunk tweets and photos of you slumped over on a curb outside of the bars.