Going home for spring break never seems like a bad idea at first. You can relax, see old friends and you don’t have to grocery shop. But by the end of the week, you realize how much of a mistake it really was to go back to your hometown. Going home means a few things:

1.You realize you no longer fit in with your high school friend group

One friend is engaged, the other one just got married, someone had a baby, another is already graduated college and all of them “grew out” of their shotgunning a beer faze.

2. Your parents nag you about money

Your mom spends the majority of the week lecturing you about how you need to be savvy with your money and save it for your school books instead of spending it on alcohol and a trip to Costa Rica.

3. You start missing campus

It’s a problem when you’re on vacation from school and you find yourself immediately wishing you were back on campus. But once you go home, you remember all of  the reasons why you left in the first place.

4. Everyone else went somewhere cool for break

Your Instagram and Snapchat are full of pictures of the ocean. Your roommate got tan and has a cool story about her backpacking trip, but the coolest thing you did was binge watch Netflix and go to a party with people you went to highschool with.