Ever since I moved to Eugene in 2014 I have been amazed by the quality of pizzas available by the slice. I’m a pizza person. I love pizza so much, I even have a pizza tattoo. When I was a freshman at the University of Oregon I would pretty much only go to Sizzle Pie because I loved the atmosphere. Eventually, I branched out, determined to be an expert on Eugene slices. After some serious research, I’m ready to share my top three places to get pizza by the slice in Eugene. For these rankings, I considered the quality of the pizza, the customer service, the value for the price and the atmosphere.

Honorable mention: Za Cart Pizza

Italian sausage, red bell pepper and sweet onion pizza from Za Cart (Za Cart Facebook page)

If you have a car or don’t mind a bit of a bus ride, I highly recommend stopping by Za Cart on Chambers Street. The pizza is delicious and the owner Jeff is a really cool guy. The only thing that’s preventing me from stopping by once a week is that they only take cash, and I’m a card person. Every time I’ve been there Jeff has generously thrown in an extra slice and once a homemade ice cream sandwich. It’s not the prettiest exterior, it’s a cart in a parking lot. But trust me on this one, you have to give the pizza a try. The crust is so good and just the right amount of chewy elasticity and fluffiness.

Jeff is a pizza artist. Delicious topping combos, superb pizza with homemade crust and sauce, and excellent customer service. The only reason I’m not putting Za Cart in the number two spot is that it’s so far away from UO and it’s not a dine-in restaurant like the other three. For a night out with friends, it’s certainly better to go to one of the others on this list, but don’t let that stop you from trying this pizza.

Za Cart (Za Cart’s Facebook page)

3. Sizzle Pie

Mandarin orange and bbq sauce pizza from Sizzle Pie (Frankie Benitez)

The atmosphere in Sizzle Pie is unbeatable. They always play punk or metal music, and there’s a full bar. Even though I think the pizza is better at my number one spot, I would definitely say that Sizzle Pie is the best place to be at 1 a.m. after a concert at WOW Hall. If you’re vegan just go ahead and disregard the rest of this list because Sizzle Pie has the best vegan slices in Eugene, hands down. There’s always three meat pizzas, three vegetarian and three vegan ones available by the slice. That’s definitely the best range of options in my top three.

I’m also a big fan of the crazy combinations that can be found there. For example, I went out on a limb and tried a slice with mandarin oranges and barbeque sauce, and it was incredible. I love the names of the slices. My personal favorite so far has been the White Walker, which had a bunch of whole roasted garlic cloves. The garlic knots are okay but overpriced and they aren’t nearly as delicious as the garlic knots at my number one spot. I have to say, Sizzle Pie is overpriced in general. But hey — I’m not going to stop going there anytime soon.

Garlic Knots from Sizzle Pie (Frankie Benitez)

2. Al Taglio

Pepperoni pizza from Al Taglio (Al Taglio’s Facebook page)

The best thing about Al Taglio is that if you buy one slice you get to play video games in the video game bar, Press Start, for one hour. The pizza is great too, but the garlic knots are a little overpriced if you ask me. They are much softer than garlic knots at the other places on this list. Al Taglio is a great place to go if you’re craving that classic New York slice without all the bells and whistles. The pizza is very cheesy and packed full of flavor. The crust is thin and crisp. When the slices are fresh it’s so flavorful I question if it’s the best pizza in Eugene, but I’m sad to report that a few times I’ve been there the slices have been sitting out for too long and they come out slightly disappointing. Maybe more people need to frequent Al Taglio and eat up the slices quicker. But no matter what, it’s always a great experience to eat some slices and grab a beer with friends at Al Taglio.


1. Mezza Luna

Pizzas sitting in the case at Mezza Luna (Mezza Luna’s Facebook page)

Mezza is my number one because the price is low and the pizza is unbeatable. Mezza won best pizza in the Eugene Weekly this year. The crust tastes fresh and delicious, and the red sauce is so tangy and fresh. I love the red sauce so much that I actually get a little angry when I see a pizza out that has the olive oil base and no red sauce. There are three locations, but the most relevant one to UO students is downtown on Pearl Street, near the massive Whole Foods.

There’s always a few vegetarian and meat options available by the slice, and they always have fun names. For example, the Gomez and Morticia or the Gracious Gringo. The menu really allows for all kinds of experiences. The slices are cheap enough that you can stop in for a quick slice without breaking the bank, and you can get it delivered if you order through Hungry Ducks. You can bring a date or your parents there and order a whole pizza and some of the delicious and fairly priced garlic knots, or any of their other appetizers and salads. I have had a whole feast there before and it was an amazing experience. They serve beer too. I feel that Mezza really puts a lot of thought into their dishes. Everything on the menu has a great balance of flavors, even the salads are the best I’ve ever had. This is the best pizza in town and at a reasonable price, which is why Mezza Luna is always my go to choice for a slice in Eugene.

Garlic knots (Mezza Luna’s Facebook page)