No matter how the relationship ended, seeing your ex will always be a little uncomfortable. This person knows a lot of your deepest thoughts, and has seen you without pants on, but now they are verging on becoming a complete stranger. It doesn’t matter if you’ve moved on from them, or if you ended it, you get a bunch of mixed feelings after running into them when you least expect it. Here’s the four emotions you’ll feel after running into your ex:


You weren’t expecting to see them, and whether you’re at a party or running errands, you get a little worried about how you look. Then comes the anxiety about if you should talk to them or not. Do you just pretend you didn’t see them? Should you just smile and keep walking? Or start up that awkward conversation?


There’s always that moment where you think back to the relationship you guys had, and all the good moments come rushing back. The thought crosses your mind about asking them to coffee just to catch up. Besides, it’s been a while since you’ve heard from them, and you can’t really remember why you broke up in the first place.


Eventually all the hurt feelings rise up within you, and you remember the reasons why you two aren’t together anymore. You also get annoyed that you keep running into them. Shouldn’t they know you’ve shopped at the same store for years, or that this is a party for one of your friends. How dare they show up at the same place as you!


Once they are out of sight, there might be a little regret about whether you talked to them or not. You might be embarrassed about how you handled the situation. But more importantly, you’re a little grateful it’s over, and can go back to pretending that they don’t exist anymore.