Though tobacco products are legal for those 21 and older in Lane County, they are prohibited on the University of Oregon campus. Due to these restrictions, many students choose to smoke on the edge of campus. The University policy has created many new social spaces and students are happy with the new developments. The main smoking spot is located on the West side of campus in front of Knight Library. Between classes, students gather to light up cigs and consume other tobacco products.

Many students can be observed socializing. When asked about this spot, second-year biology student Abby Rhodes exclaimed, “I used to have to shamefully smoke alone with my hood up so no one would see it was me, but thanks to the University’s policy, I now have a community around me… I met my best friends here!” Third-year human physiology student Elaine Rigby shared, “I quit smoking 3 years ago, but saw the wonderful community that smoking has created so I decided to start up again!” Students wish to share their gratitude with the University and the steps that it has taken to create communities centered around activities that students are passionate about.