Football and binge drinking go together like peanut butter and jelly, but, unfortunately, after the last game of the season we have a long way to go till football comes around again in August. Fortunately, at UO we have the spring gameee! Follow this drinking game to ensure you get hammered and make the best of this opportunity before the four month hiatus until Fall football.

Take a shot when:

Someone asks which team you’re rooting for

    • You want Oregon or Oregon to win? This is hands down the most popular joke at the spring game. Take a shot, it’ll make it funnier.

Someone pushes you in line for the bathroom

    • The lines at Autzen are notorious for being long and packed with intoxicated young adults. There’s a lot of pushing, both on purpose and on accident, but either way, it blows.

Take a sip of your drink when:

  • You hear someone shout ‘sco ducks’
    • It’s not Ducks football szn yet, but the Eugene pride never waivers.
  • Someone slips and falls at the tailgate
    • The spring rains cause muddy tailgates. It’ll ruin your shoes and maybe even put you in the hospital if you’re not careful.
  • Either team scores a touchdown
    • After the last couple seasons of Ducks football, it’ll be nice to finally celebrate.
  • You lose your friends
    • The student section is a mob and it’s pretty easy to forget where you are sitting. Grab and drink and make some new friends

Finish your drink:

  • When your team wins
    • So basically at the end of the game. The great thing about the Spring game is that it’s all the fun and none of the tears that come when your team loses
  • You get to Autzen
    • Down your drink once you see Autzen stadium on the horizon.