Since Thursday, March 8, supporters of United States’ President Donald Trump are celebrating what they’re claiming as a historic victory. President Trump has agreed to meet with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un to talk about denuclearization. In light of the President’s recent bullying to this international underdog, University of Oregon students Erica and Roslyn are organizing a rally to be held at the Wayne Morse United States Courthouse in Eugene.



No other U.S. President has ever met with the leader of North Korea. This comes nearly two months after the Hawaiian Emergency Management Agency mistakenly sent out an alert of an incoming ballistic missile attack. Senator Lindsey Graham,R-SC tweeted a statement about the meeting, stating that “North Korea now believes President Trump will use military force if he has to.”

When asked how she felt about the tweet by Sen. Graham, Roslyn, a Junior studying Anthropology at UO told Quackd, “I’m highly disappointed that the President’s bullying of other countries has spread to his colleagues in Congress.” Roslyn continued, “It’s no surprise that North Korea didn’t react to the false alarm in Hawaii; they were completely innocent!”

Erica, a Sophomore studying Art History, told Quackd, “We just want people to know that what Trump did to intimidate North Korea’s leader was immoral and reprehensible. The poor guy is just trying to lead his people in the middle of a famine.” Erica told Quackd that the rally was inspired by her experiences with bullying in high school.

“The point of the rally is to stand in solidarity with North Korea. Just because Trump is bullying them doesn’t mean they should give up their nuclear weapons. It should be done voluntarily through diplomacy, not with another nuke pointed at your country.”

The rally will be held this Saturday, March 17 at noon at Eugene’s Wayne Morse United States Courthouse. All are welcome to participate. Participants are encouraged to wear as much green as possible and to make signs urging the U.S. to denuclearize. The organizers hope to see a large turnout this Saturday, especially in a diverse population such as Eugene.