As soon as you get home after a rough winter term, you eagerly post a Snapchat with your hometown’s Geofilter, thus alerting every one of your arrivals. You watch as the Snapchat from all your old flings start pouring in. “You home?” You want to respond with a “No shit.” But instead opt for a kinder response that warrants them to ask you to hangout. It’s at this time you have to decide if hooking up with someone you went to highschool with is really worth it. Quackd has created a pros and cons list to help make this decision easier for you.

Pro: you get to have sex

Let’s start off with the obvious: if you’re already having sex at school then maybe going without it for a short period of time isn’t a big deal, but who doesn’t like having sex? And if you’re not getting so lucky while away at school, then hooking up with someone at home can be an easy way to end your dry spell.

Con: your options are limited

Going home means a smaller pool of acceptable people to sleep with, so you might have to drop your standards. Your weird lab partner you had senior year? Suddenly he’s looking pretty hot. Your neighbor that always hit on you? Eh, why not.

Pro: you won’t have to see them

After you hookup, you get to go back to your separate life away at college and act like it never happened. You don’t have to worry about running into this person on campus or seeing them at a party. You literally do not have to talk to them again unless you want to keep hooking up once you’re home.

Con: limited places to have sex

Remember when you were in high school and you had to keep your shirt on while having sex because your parents were home and they could walk in at any moment? Or when you would drive to some random place and have sex in the car? Assuming that when you come home you stay with your parents, it’s likely you’ll have to deal with that again. But hey, car sex can be fun.

Pro: no one from college will know

Maybe the person you choose to sleep with at home is a piece of shit and you are lowkey ashamed of it. It’s okay. None of your friends from college need to know about it and therefore they can’t judge you.

Con: having to relive high school

Sleeping with a former classmate just feels like you’re taking a step backwards from where you’re currently at in life. You’re in college now and you’re probably a completely different person. Is sleeping with the popular kid who’s gone nowhere in life really going to make you feel good about yourself?