Once you turn 21 years old, it’s a ritual to hit up the campus bars. Every college student has their line up of which bar they will start and end the night at. And each bar has some kind of reputation/stereotype. Everyone knows Rennies for their classic cheesy-baked tots and Taylor’s for being the slimmest of the campus bars. But each bar has a special place in our hearts. The campus bars are kind of like frat boys. You are kind of annoyed by them, but for some reason, you keep giving them the time of the day. If they were actually frat boys, this is what they would be like:

Taylor: Taylor loves to hear himself speak, and his voice is booming. He is the “wahoo” guy that for some reason is always sweating. He is never the guy to sip on one beer for the night. If he’s going out, then he’s GOING out. His shirt is off, he’s raging hard and even when everyone else is ready to go to sleep, he doesn’t want to quit.

Max: Sweet Max is the guy that brings everyone together in the end. His friend group is large, but he is there to make sure everyone is having a good time. By the end of the night, everyone has their arms around each other, belting Sweet Caroline — and it’s all thanks to Max.

Rennie: Unlike Taylor, Rennie is down to have a couple beers throughout the night, drinking them at his own god damn pace. He’s fine hanging on the fence, opening himself up to anyone who wants to just chill and converse. He also makes a mean batch of tots!

Webfoot: No one knows how this guy even got a bid. And everyone wonders why he calls himself Webfoot. Even though he doesn’t fit into the frat, he makes an effort, but you only really hang out with him when Taylor and Max are too busy. But seriously why is he called Webfoot?