How much of casual sex is really casual? Are we telling one another that the sex we have really means, “nothing”? The answer lies in whether or not you actually believe that. As someone who has mastered the craft of understanding that sex can be purely physical, I can say that yeah, sometimes you just want to fuck and have that be it.

This is truer in college than it will be at any other time in your life. Ever. It stills seems that we’re under this ideal that if there is any physical attraction that there must also be emotional attraction. Can’t it be as simple as, you’ve got a great set of abs and I want nothing more than to climb on top of you and grip them? And by nothing more, I mean nothing more. Sure you could end the sex with some snuggling in bed followed by a coffee or breakfast in the morning as friends, but do you have to drag your bedroom session into the daylight?

Take having sex with someone you see on a regular basis for example. Just because you see one another every other day doesn’t mean it needs to be awkward. Sure, there’s that lingering image in the back of your mind of being intimate just days prior to sitting in a classroom listening to a teacher preach at you. And yeah, it’s a little bit of turn-on knowing you’ve seen each other naked. Isn’t there a modern allure to sleeping with someone and having it be a dirty little secret?

Why not have a little fun during this time? I’m talking to you, seniors. Fuck like crazy for the rest of spring term! As long as both parties are agreeing that they will be separating in June, where’s the problem? A previous sexual relationship I had with someone in my class ended in high-fives in the morning. We laughed over coffee when we woke up, took hungover strolls to get bagels together, and laid each other lazy without a single fuck given – well, a few fucks.

Sure, you owe friendship to this person – it’s the least you can do. Don’t be an asshole to the other person in public, don’t make it obvious that you’ve “tapped that ass,” and don’t blow the whole thing out of proportion. Giving less than a fuck about the fucks you are giving makes the world of promiscuity go around.