Ghosting has become a science, and there is a scientific method to how to properly ghost someone. In case you don’t know what ghosting is, which means you’ve probably been ghosted, it is when you are dating/seeing a person and everything is going great, and then one day they just stop talking to you. There is no rhyme or reason to why, and you even try to convince yourself that maybe their phone is broken. I have been ghosted many times, but I have also done a fair share of ghosting myself. Am I proud of it? No. Does it need to be done? Probably not but I am going to keep doing it anyway.

Personally, I am an easy one to ghost. I see the signs and I let them fade away without much conflict. But with some guys, it’s like pulling teeth trying to get them to leave me alone. Some of them haunt me to this day. So, if you’ve never ghosted someone, and you’re kind of getting annoyed by the person you’re seeing I suggest trying this method:

Reply with one nice text

Always reply to their “Wanna hang out” text with just a simple, “My schedule is super busy this week, but I’ll for sure let you know when I free up!” If they are smart, they know you’ll never text them again — but usually they aren’t that smart.

Block them on Snapchat

You told them you were busy all weekend. You can’t post that you hit up Taylor’s on Thursday, Friday and Saturday night because  then you’ll look like a jerk! Easy solution: Either don’t post on Snapchat or block them. Let’s be honest, drunk you will want to post on your story and why deny yourself that shame. Make it easy and just block them.

Don’t text back

Eventually you will come across that one person who will not leave you alone. I ghosted one guy around Easter last year, and  he still texted me asking if I had plans for Halloween. No matter how nice they are, or how bad you feel, DON’T TEXT THEM BACK! Someday, they will get the hint…hopefully.

Avoid eye contact

The worst part about ghosting is when you’re strolling to class and you spot them walking right towards you. How does that even happen? This has happened to me multiple times. I walk the same path everyday, and I have never seen them before! Why is it that the minute I ghost them, they pop up everywhere? It may be awkward, but avert your eyes. Look anywhere except at them. It may be childish, but why do you care? It’s not like you’ll ever see them again!

Don’t feel bad

Ghosting is apart of nature. It’s bound to happen! It may suck when you get ghosted, but just remember: You kind of deserve it after how many people you’ve probably ghosted.