Every Oregonian has a special place in their heart for that little blue drive-thru known as Dutch Bros. Coffee. Snob or not, you enjoy going there! The best part of a summer day is grabbing a blended rebel and chatting up the cheerful employees. I know a lot of people who work at  Dutch, but I also know a lot of people who want to work there. I think it takes a certain kind of person to be able to fit in at DB. Here are a few qualities you’ll need if you want to become ta Dutch barista:

1. Get in the customer’s car

When the customer is  ready to order, don’t just stand inside the drive-thru. No! Dive head first into the car. Your head should be on their lap, staring up at them, so you can see up their nose. It’s all about making your customers comfortable, buddy.

2. Ask the customer every question you can think of, except for their order

By the end of the transaction you should know their plans for today, tomorrow, next week and last Thanksgiving. You should be able to recite their parent’s name, the street they live on, their ex-boyfriend’s phone number, and their social security number. No one cares about what they want to drink.

3. Only give out pink straws

They say that giving attractive people a pink straw is a myth, but do it anyway. Let people question if you think they are cute or not. If you want to really throw them off, when there are two drinks, give one pink straw and one green. It will cause a ruckus amongst high schoolers.

4. Only wear tank tops

It may be pouring down rain, and below thirty degrees. But DB employees have an image to keep up. It’s nothing but sunshine and smiles here.

5. Be at your most peppy at 7 in the morning

The clock strikes 7 a.m., you should be dancing around, singing along to the music, and talking about your life story with the customer. The older the customer, the peppier you should be.