Friday morning Graduate Educator Jon Green walked into Straub Hall and was quite shocked at what he found. “They were just sitting there,” Green remarked, “notebooks and pencils out ready to learn. I have never seen anything like it before.” Green said students tend to skip their Friday labs to get a head start on weekend plans or sleep in. Often, GE’s are lucky to get a fraction of their  students to attend discussion sections at all. Although seemingly unimportant, these 50 minute sections are critical to student success, Green said. In his economics 101 section, Green explained that “most of the time I just stand in front of the class and read a news story that the class Professor prints out for me, then I ask the class what they think…Usually if they don’t respond after 5 minutes I just let them out early.” Green looks forward to next discussion and is excited at the prospect of more students showing up to discussion section, though is worried it might require some actual effort out of himself.