Eugene has a certain type of people that inhabit it. Portland is full of coffee-loving hipsters, Eastern Oregon is full of cowboys and romeo wearing-folk, but Eugene is a weird mixture of hipsters and tree-loving hippies. If you live in Eugene or are moving here soon, there are some stereotypes you will definitely see around town:

Overly caring about composting:

Environment is everything to Eugenians. Why wouldn’t it be? Eugene has so many beautiful areas, which comes from our respect for the trees. It’s very important to learn the difference between the garbage, recycle and compost bins.

Duck fans:

Eugenians overly love the ducks. Each football game shuts down half the town, and Puddles the mascot has become a celebrity. Try yelling “SCOOO” anywhere around town and you’ll see a bunch of middle-aged men throw up their “O’s”.

Local beer is better:

In general, anything locally made is a local favorite. But hand a Eugenian a local beer and they will not shut up about it. “Where’s your beer from man? Bend? Right on, got to support the local businesses.”

Hammocking as a hobby:

If the sun is out, then so is everyone’s REI hammock. Find two trees near each other and plant your hammock there, and suddenly it is an afternoon activity.

The REI garage sale:

This is a holy day in the town of Eugene. People camp out as if it was Black Friday.


Get out of here with your Contigo water bottle! Everyone owns a Hydroflask. Skinny, short, large — doesn’t matter the size. It keeps our water chilled, and helps the Earth. It’s a win-win.