Week one of Spring term is over, and the weekend means all of your friends’ drunk alter egos come out of hiding. We all have experienced several different kinds of drunks, some are amazing, but the majority of them can get ugly as the night progresses. You will more than likely run into these drunks this weekend:

The touchy drunk/I love you drunk

The more alcohol they consume the more they want to touch all of their friends. They just want to shower you with hugs and kisses on the cheek. They are also the drunk to tell you how much they love and adore the friendship the two of you have.

The crier

The tears might be from how happy they are to be getting food after the bars or because they just heard their ex moved onto someone else. Either way, the tears always mean the night is done.

The excited drunk

This is the best kind of drunk. They just want to dance and pound out as many drinks as they can.

Drunk mom

This is the drunk that is trying to take care of everyone else in the group while also being plastered themselves. They are on the sidewalk calling the DD, while also holding back someone’s hair while they throw up.

The hot mess

This person is the drunk that everyone has experienced but also the one that everyone hates. Usually your friends switch off who gets to be the hot mess, while the rest of them have to spend the night taking care of them. They are barely able to stand up, they sit on the bathroom floor of the bar and usually they are kicked out for being too drunk. By the next morning you are cleaning up their puke and they don’t remember anything.