1. That one bruise you can’t remember getting

You hop in the shower on Thursday morning before class to try to rinse off some of the mud and alcohol. As you head to your morning classes you notice a huge bruise on your leg. One of many bumps and scratches after last night’s festivities. You can’t remember how you got it but you can only assume that it was either really stupid or really cool.

2. That one bruise that you absolutely remember getting  

Whether it’s from slipping in the mud, trying to climb onto the bar at Taylor’s, or just being plain drunk and stupid, there’s a story behind this bruise.

3. A sunburn

The sun is shining for the first time in months. Shoulders, legs and midriffs are showing and all seems well until the next morning you wake up red and dry. Our pale skin is not ready for the first days of Spring. Let’s hope that the rains return while we wait for our sunburns to fade into a baseline tan.

4. Broken toes

Girls are starting out the term with a newfound energy after break and are thus dressing to impress. All the ladies are breaking out the high heels and it’s easy to get stepped on and break a toe. By week three, most girls will likely have switched back to sneakers, but during sylly week, many are wearing heels so watch your toes!

5. Black eye

Getting a black eye from when you attempt to break up a fight and get punched in the face. Fights break out often, but much like blackouts, they are most common at the beginning of the term because students are not yet exhausted from the piles of readings required and are looking for trouble to blow off some steam.