Graduation is less than two months away. TWO. MONTHS. And, if you’re a graduating senior like me, this probably makes you feel equal parts ecstatic as hell (no more midterms!) and a little bit crazy-overwhelmed-confused (what now?!?!).

So I do what I always do when I feel this way: I make lists. In this case, I made a list of everything I want to do and accomplish before the big day.

Here’s that list:

1.  Eat a hot dog from the Hot Dog Lady. (Yes, I’ve never had one.)

2. Buy a joke book from Frog.

3. Take a photo with Frog. Post on Facebook.

4. Bake the most delicious batch of chocolate chip cookies and hand them out at the Knight Library at midnight. During finals week.

5. Learn how to bake the most delicious batch of chocolate chip cookies.

6. Join the drum circle at the Saturday Market. Dance accordingly.

7. Have one more yelling match with that Christian guy who comes to the EMU Ampitheatre and thinks that all college women are whores.

8. Check out Dollar Beers and see what all the fuss was about all these years.

9. Go for a run on Spencer’s Butte.

10. Drink a couple more Coronas by the river.


12. Hang out outside the Cuthbert when there’s a cool concert going on. Drink beer. Play with a frisbee.

13. Play with a frisbee on that patch of grass between Allen Hall and Villard.

14. Play a huge game of pick-up basketball at the Rec.

15. Sleep overnight at the library.

16. Go to a UO softball game.

17. Put together a scrapbook with photos from over the years.

18. Try not to cry whilst making said book.