If you’re a student then you probably think about dropping out of school at least five times a day. There’s also a good chance you don’t have any of the necessary skills or enough financial stability to be able to drop out. Lucky for you, Quackd compiled a list of jobs that don’t require you to be good at anything.


Sell your used underwear

We didn’t say that they would be respectable jobs. There is a whole market catering to the more “curious” creatures of the world, so you might as well make a profit from it. Wearing your underwear for few days and then selling it online requires such little effort. You’ll make money by just living your life.


Be a sugar baby

We’ve all joked about it, but who is actually willing to go face-to-face with an old man’s balls? That was a bit dramatic, but realistically you’ll have to put in work somehow. Just be careful to not get kidnapped or stalked by some creep.


Sell your organs/blood/plasma

Nothing like literally selling pieces of yourself to show how desperately you need money! Might as well try selling your soul to the devil next; it will probably have less of a physical toll on your body. But hey, at least at the end of the day you can say that you helped someone.



Another one that we all joke about, but realistically we could not all do. It almost didn’t make the list because you do need to have some sort of dance moves to strip. Do you actually have the body to be a stripper? Do you have the upper body strength to lift yourself onto a pole? Consider these things before you completely withdraw from school.


Go viral

Anyone can be famous nowadays, right? No talent necessary. You just have to do something really dumb or really cool to get noticed. OR Be such a piece of shit that you get to go on Dr. Phil and then somehow get a rap career out of it. Truly, anything is possible.


Move back home

Ah, the most realistic option of them all. Drop out and move back in with your parents. Then you can work a depressing minimum-wage job where you constantly get asked why you’re not in school. Dropping out might be scarier than being a wrinkly old man’s bitch.