We’ve had felt our stomach drop after  a professor announces there will be a mandatory group project. Group work shouldn’t be a problem  because we are all paying to get a good grade. So why do is it that you have to cram to finish one person’s part of the group project, while fixing all the grammar errors on the night before it’s due. Group projects  are supposed to teach us how to work as a team, yet I always end up learning how to pull dead weight around. In the end, group projects are inevitable, and each group project always has at least one stereotypical person that will always be in your group. Here are 5 people you will eventually have in a group:

The athlete: It’s not the athletes fault that they have a game every weekend, and the weekend the project is due is the weekend they play out of state. I don’t blame them, especially if they try to help out. But I do have to stifle a groan when I see an athlete’s backpack sit down next to me. They are never available to meet up and you can only talk through Google docs so much.

The overachiever: This person pulls the weight of the group. They are on top of texting the group. Even when it can be a little much at times, it’s one less thing you have to do. They step up and start on the project, finishing a big chunk of it on their own. Which is great, but they end up leaving the hardest part of the assignment for you to do.

The one you wish wouldn’t speak up: I’m not saying this group member is dumb, but every idea they have is. They try to add their own words, forcing you to have to go through and fix every spelling error. It’s the person you wish could miss the group meetings, but conveniently they are always available and they have new bad ideas to share.

The no show: This person probably doesn’t even know there is a group project. They are never in class, they never check their email, and by the end you are the one who has to finish up their portion. How are they even still in college? Why the heck do you get stuck doing all the work by yourself.

The language barrier: Let’s be clear, not everyone speaks the same language. This is a problem for various reasons, but first and foremost it makes communicating pretty damn hard. It’s not an un-jumpable hurdle, but have you ever tried writing a group essay and most of it’s google translated? Just like the athlete, it’s not their fault, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t complain about it.