Winter is coming. If you’re a Game of Thrones fan you know what I mean: Your heart palpitates at the idea of  the title screen and the melodious tune resonating throughout the room.

But, the last time that happened was a year ago. That’s a long time.

So here’s some thoughts GoT fans had between last year’s final episode and this upcoming Sunday.

1. Is it really going to be a year? I can tell you: Waiting an entire year is way too long for this HBO series. I could’ve conquered thousands of white walkers waiting to watch this season’s new episode.

2. Is Cersei Lannister going to ever perish? I know Westeros was cheering loudly when the “Purple Wedding” aired. Will the late King Joffrey’s mother fall to the same glorious fate? I remember vividly jumping up and down on my sofa while watching this scene unfold.

3. Should I start reading the books? Or should I just wait? No, wait! Both! How many GoT fans became fans after watching the show? It was the hipster thing to have read the books before the show aired; are we all just wannabe Starks? Flipping comments aside, George R.R. Martin: Your series is gold.

4. Will we see Jon Snow… naked? I know many people are dying to see the protector of the Wall’s derriere. Brings in ratings. Good one, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss. 

5. Should I begin Larping lessons? Let’s face it. We all wanted to audition for the next big part, or just feel like we were a part of the action. Larping is the next best thing to GoT fantasy land!

6. Is it ever unhealthy to re-watch and re-watch old episodes? We were all panicky and may have experienced weak points when we were having GoT withdrawals. So, we supplemented those symptoms with more episodes to relive the glory days. Thank the Faith of the Seven!

7. Drink beer. Game of Thrones beer. And lots of it. Time to be merry! Celebrate the beginning of a new season.

8. It’s been a year. Do I still remember everyone’s name? Sansa, Little Finger, Jamie Lannister, repeat. If it helps, say it in front of a mirror.

9. (Almost a year later) Winter is coming. Enough said.

10. The Dragons!!!  Daenerys Targaryen’s fierceness will rule and annihilate those who enslave. And, of course, it wouldn’t be GoT without the dragons!

11. The Opening Credits!!!!!  Who could forget the opening credits? You aren’t a true fan unless you have hummed the whole song, drunkingly, five times over. Each time it gets longer, so the GoT drinking game is a necessity. Or not.

Either way, watch the show; you don’t want to end up like the Dog.