1. It’s April of senior year, and you still haven’t been to Taylor’s.

2. You purposefully avoid 13th ave. when the sun’s out.

3. The thought of being stuck in a crowd of 100 drunk college kids belting the song “Sweet Caroline” just doesn’t appeal.

4. That said, you would rather do homework then “close Max’s.”

5. The next time you hear someone drunkenly scream “Goo Ducks!” you swear your head’s going to explode. 

6. You hate popcorn.

7. You always get to Rennie’s too late on trivia nights and can never find a seat.

8. Bliss, for you, was 80s night at John Henry’s.

9. Let’s just say you like a little more… diversity… on your nights out. College kids are great and all, but it’s nice to meet people who’ve lived in Eugene for more than two years and aren’t from the Bay area.

10. Let’s be honest: As much as you like to drink whenever the Ducks score a touchdown, you really couldn’t care less if they win or lose.

11. You’ve never been to Dollar Beers, and it’s your last term in college. You have no plans to go. Maybe.