You hear it a million times when growing up: go to college,and get a degree. The reasons for doing so seem obvious; obtaining a degree often leads to a rewarding and enjoyable career, and it seems like a much better alternative than rushing into a career following high school graduation. But there are a few less obvious reasons for entering the world of college rather than going into the workforce immediately.

1. You can nap between classes in college; you can’t nap between customers when working retail.

2. In college you’re surrounded by like-minded, same-aged individuals. In the work force you have to deal with cranky customers of all ages and fellow employees who have years of seniority on you.

3. It’s much easier to find free pizza on a college campus than in an office.

4. In the college world, there’s always something to do on a Friday night. In the real world, there’s always something to do on a Friday night as well. Often times it’s working until eleven or midnight.

5. While it’s definitely not advised, being late a few times in college isn’t all that big a deal. Being late a few times to work can cost you your job.

6. The real world doesn’t offer extra credit like your college courses do.

7. In college, you get to choose what time you have to go to class. In the working world, if you’re scheduled for 8 a.m., you better be there at 8 a.m.

8. You can do homework from your bed; you can’t do actual work from your bed.

9. Your workplace most likely doesn’t provide an on-location state of the art gym.

10. College is much, much more fun.